First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

There is so much happening in our world today that at times I find myself overwhelmed with it all.  I felt I needed a avenue to express all these thoughts so I decided to start this blog as a way to express my thoughts on life.  General thoughts on day to day affairs, specific thoughts on various items such as daily news items and even gain wisdom on myself.  To grow and mature is what I seek and maybe even to change someone’s thoughts or opinions on something that is happening in our world today.

I appreciate feedback and will do my best to respond to all.

I thank you for reading my posts and taking time out of your day.  Hopefully this will be a long and wonderful journey for us all.



Goal # 1 Weight Loss/Management

Tomorrow is the first actual day of my goal challenge.  Weight loss!  Argg.  I wish I could eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.  That would be so delightful but I can’t.

Let’s get to this.  I am 5′ and weigh 134 lbs.  Not obese but not in my range either.  My goal is 10 pounds in 10 weeks.  The 10/10 goal is what I am naming this.  One pound per week seems doable and healthy.  My mind needs to be right and I need to think of this a bit differently.  My way is in 10 weeks I will be 10 pounds lighter and healthier.  10 short weeks I will be 124.  I swear I have been in the 120’s for so long.  I just don’t even know how I will act once I hit that goal.

Now I know I will have great days and I know I will have not so great days.  I am prepared so they don’t sidetrack me.

I need to balance stress in my life so I don’t turn to food.  That sounded so easy.  My mind though is made up.  This is something that I want to do and will do…period.

I will do weekly weigh-ins.  I thought about daily but I believe that would be too much for me and if I didn’t see any movement I must get a bit down on myself.  Weekly for me is better.

Tomorrow I am off to the races.  Wish me luck!


New Goal, Improved Health

As I was sitting in the hospital, it gave me a lot of time to think.  I decided to change my goals and focus on my health instead of the go, go attitude.

The first goal that I will share in this writing is weight loss.  For me I will no longer use the excuse of it’s only 10 pounds, not a big deal.  It is a big deal as I am only 5′ tall so an extra 10 pounds is significant on my frame.  Now my weight didn’t put me in the hospital but while I was there, it certainly didn’t make me feel good.

I will nolonger kid myself and say “I’ll just watch what I eat and I will be fine.  Oh no not this time.  I have to be specific in order for me to succeed.  So here goes.

  1.  I will weigh myself each week on Monday morning and report my weight in this blog starting next Monday.
  2. I will drink two more bottles of water each day.
  3. I will give up 1 bottle of Diet Coke each day.
  4. I will lose 1 pound each week for 10 weeks.

Now of course I could set my goals higher but I know me and I know if I miss a week that will put me in a little tailspin which I would have to recover from.  Not saying one pound will be easy but it certainly is doable.

With that I share my first goal with you.

Wish me luck as I go on this weight loss adventure.

Until next time Peace!

Health, Hospital and a few Great Books

Wow what an adventure the past month plus has been.  I have had some health issues that put me in the hospital for almost a month.  I am so much better now and glad to be able to blog again.  I have so much catching up to do which will probably take me at least … Continue reading “Health, Hospital and a few Great Books”

Wow what an adventure the past month plus has been.  I have had some health issues that put me in the hospital for almost a month.  I am so much better now and glad to be able to blog again.  I have so much catching up to do which will probably take me at least a few days if not more.

I typically do not like to just sit idle so I was lucky enough to have some books that arrived.  I read Wake-Robin Ridge, A Boy Named Rabbit, Harbinger and I am on the fourth which is Swamp Ghosts.  I have one more which is Finding Hunter in my possession with one more on the list to get.  These are all by the great Marcia Meara.  If you enjoy a good book, these won’t disappoint.  I’ll be reaching out to her soon that is for sure.  These books kept me sane and helped to make the time fly right by.  In case you read this before I reach out…THANK YOU!

This adventure of mine has made me realize a few things.  One is I need new goals.  I had plenty of time to think of what those will be and I will share those in my next blog tomorrow.  I’m excited about these and have a new appreciation on life.

I certainly will still share my opinions on current events, book reviews etc. but I will be tracking more towards my goals.  Sharing successes and failures.  This is a platform for me to hold myself accountable and share in life’s trials.  I am looking forward to that with all my heart.

Until tomorrow, Peace!


A Waste of Money Business Trip–Day 4

It is the last day and shortly I will be on my way home.  What did today bring and have my thoughts changed from the first post?

Today was the same thing.  Start the meeting at 8am and go until people get “punchy” then take a break and do it all over again.  The first part was supposed to take two hours but instead we couldn’t keep to the schedule so it went for four hours.  No getting out early.  I actually was so tired that I felt my eyes get extremely heavy.  I could have fell asleep if I closed my eyes.  Instead I got up and went for a short walk to try to refresh myself.  A very long day indeed.

Have my thoughts change?  Not necessarily.  I still believe that this could have been done via teleconference or some other type of process.  This would have saved the company thousand and thousand of dollars.  I am still firmly against spending money like this when you just completed layoffs.  I think it is disrespectful, unprofessional and a slap in the face of all the laid off workers.  When a company has lost millions of dollars they have no business conducting this type of frivolous trips.  My opinion on that will never change.

Did I learn anything, sure I did but not enough to justify this nor do I believe that I couldn’t have learned the same thing on the phone.

Call me stubborn or ungrateful for the opportunity but I call it realistic and doing the right thing.  My feelings are about being good stewards financially and ethically doing the right thing.

When my boss asks me what I thought.  I will tell him the truth.  That we should not have done this trip and instead done it via a conference call or some other way.  We should have saved that money and used it to enhance our telecommunications ability.  That I believe this was the wrong way and time to do this business trip.  I wonder what his response will be…to be cont.

I am glad to be going home and so look forward to my own bed and my own coffee in the morning.



A Waste of Money Business Trip–Day 3

Well technically today was day three that I have been here.  Today if you asked a question or found an issue you got a mini candy bar.  Hmm reminds me of when I was in elementary school and that was 40 years ago.  The good old days of milk, a snack and a nap.  The only difference is I didn’t get a nap today.

Mini Candy BarMilk

Did I learn anything?  Well not work related but I learned from the Uber driver that there was a great restaurant that had good food but an awesome bloody mary.  I must try I said as he dropped me off at the hotel.

Bloody Mary

These days of sitting in an uncomfortable chair for 9 hours has to end.  I never realized how old I was until I went to get up and thought to myself, oh lord I can’t straighten up. Of course I tried to act cool so no one would notice my struggles.  The things we do to try to act young.

Today I did sit back and watch the room full of people and realized that I certainly work with some stuck up people.  I saw the “cool” ones not talk to the others.  I heard one state “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that ugly dress”.  Terrible.  So I suppose this is elementary school because isn’t that what they did back then too?  I thought we were to old for that but I guess you are never to old to criticize and put down people who are less fortunate, have different tastes or just are plain unique.

So maybe I did learn something today.  Who I want to be associated with at work and who will talk behind your back when they don’t like something.

Until tomorrow, Peace!

A Waste of Money Business Trip–Day 2

Well today was officially the first day of the 3 day meetings.  It literally was 9 hours of people going through flow charts and every single box on the charts.  I barely stayed awake and the primary reason I did was because I knew the people who were talking put in a lot of effort to get the documentation done.  I didn’t want to be disrespectful.

With that, do I think it was valuable to me, the answer is no.  I think I could have looked at the documentation myself and been fine.  Did I learn anything specific, no I didn’t.  I still think this was a wasted trip and my employer made a mistake by conducting this.

I did though learn something not pertaining to work.  I took my very first Uber.  Yup I am now in the group of Uber users.  I have to say both drivers that I had today were extremely nice and had great stories so from that perspective I did learn something new.

Requesting a ride was so easy and literally the longest I waited was 7 minutes.  Amazing for sure.  Right when my meetings were ending, I just clicked the request button and bam by the time I walked down the stairs my driver was there.

I am hoping tomorrow I get the same type of drivers.  At least I get a great story on the way to a wasted meeting day.

Hoping for a change tomorrow and I can report back that I learned something new and this trip was worth it.


A waste of Money Business Trip-Day 1…

meeting 1

If there is one thing I despise it is business trips.  I hate them with a passion.  Primarily because they could be done via conference calls or teleconference etc. but instead a company would rather spend thousands and thousands of dollars sending people to the southern part of the state for three days in a hotel suite.

Now some might say “wow you are ungrateful”.  Oh no I am not.  The company that I work for just got done with two rounds of layoffs.  Money should be of the highest concern.  Instead they send us away for three days and will have to reimburse for the hotel, miles and food.


I feel a bit angry that I have to be here and guilty that we are here when 200 people were let go.  I tried to get out of it and offered to call in and follow along but my boss said I had to be here.  Interesting when really I didn’t have to be in person because the information doesn’t necessarily pertain to me or the functions that I complete daily.  Instead I feel like it is a big fat waste of money and honestly a waste of my time driving down here in total construction hell.

Tired, hot and agitated.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.  I can hope but its a 8-5 pure meeting day with a 45 minute lunch.  It’s technically Monday thru Wednesday but we had to be down here tonight (Sunday).

This is day 1 and I will log each day that I am here.  Let’s see if I am right about this trip or if I am wrong and can say I learned something.


Daily Word Prompt: Buff


What a perfect word.  I have decided to get back in shape, eat better and start going to the gym again.

I went this morning and a personal trainer came over to me to “assist”.  I chuckled and realized she was trying to get me to sign up for personal training.  My response was “nah I don’t want to get all buff and all”.  I am only 5′ and as a woman I don’t want to look like a man.  That should tell you how knowledgable I am at weight training.

She proceeded to share her wisdom.  The trainer said that just because you lift weights certainly doesn’t mean you will get buff and start looking masculine.  Weight training is just as important as eating right.  As a woman it will help with bone loss as we age.  If the focus is not to gain too much muscle and get to buff than that could be achieved and of course if you wanted to put more than the average muscle gain on then that is also possible.

I told her I envisioned the woman bodybuilder where they begin to take on the male characteristics and somehow their chest goes away and becomes just plain muscle.  To me that isn’t attractive but it’s what they work towards.  I pictured a 5′ tall woman with no chest, muscles protruding everywhere, no neck and not being able to close your arms.  Almost cartoon like.

At the end of our conversation she gave me her card and some pointers and went on her merry way.  I went back to my machine and looked off to the right and what do I see…a woman bodybuilder with no chest, barely a neck and unable to close her arms fully because of the amount of muscle.  I chuckled, shook my head and finished my exercise.

Buff I will pass but I will think about adding more weights to my workout.


Daily Word Prompt: Impression


A first impression lasts a lifetime and you can never take it back.  Impressions reminds me of judgement.  It can be good or bad.  It can be in your personal life or work life.

This reminds me of a few years back, I was interviewing for a different job.  I changed into a very pretty dress and prepared myself for the interview of a lifetime.  I got in the car and started my drive.  Everything was normal until it wasn’t.

A pop and gradual bumping and shaking.  I pulled over to the side of the road and wouldn’t you know it…a flat tire.  I had no time to wait for someone to come and assist so in high heals and a dress I changed the tire.  Got back in the car and I realized I was covered in dirt and grease.  I had two choices.  Go and explain or cancel the interview.

I decided to go and explain and hopefully they would understand as this was my dream job so they had to understand, right.

I walked in and started the interview.  I explained what occurred but three questions in the Director said “I don’t think I can do this” and she left the room.  Needless to say a short time later the interview was over.

I left dejected and thought wow what a great first impression.  As I was driving home I said out loud “they must not like the smell of grease in the morning”.

I didn’t get the job which I was heartbroken over.  I felt I was judged over something I couldn’t help.

Are first impressions bad or is it a signal of good things to come.  For me in this case the first impression was exactly what needed to happen.  I found another job that was more my style with people who cared about me and my growth with the company.

I look back on this event and realize that their first impression isn’t want counted instead it was my first impression of them that did.  This “negative” impression that I gave actually saved me from making a mistake.



Daily Word Prompt: Adrift


I have to say this is the perfect word today.  I have been feeling adrift all day.  Lost and a bit confused.

I have been asking a lot of “what ifs” lately.  Primarily I am sure because of the all the negative news.  I open the local news website to get the weather and see articles on North Korea launching another missile or Trump making a outrageous statement, potential impeachment, more racism in recent weeks than I can recall etc.

So much negativity, anger, resentment and hostility that I am beginning to just plain feel lost by all of the “what would this or that mean”.

I need to get back to my basics to lose the adrift feeling.  The basics of what I enjoy.  Maybe some gardening, reading a good book, sharing memories with loved ones or just plain taking a nice walk while listening to a little music.

Now I need to implement that and maybe even not watch the news for a bit or open those websites.  Let’s see what I can hold myself to in order to lose this feeling.